Readers talk dirt roads

If you look up ‘dirt road’ on Google – seeking an accurate description – you can’t find just one … Same goes for the songs and poems and stories about living on a dirt road.

Wiki® said a dirt road was a type of unpaved road from the native material of the land surface through which it passes.’

Another site said that a ‘dirt road’ takes on whatever characteristics of the area it is located.

With that thought in mind, I went wandering some dirt roads in two counties in central Georgia – both connected by the Ocmulgee River.

The site was right – no dirt road was the same – even though the outer appearance at first looked similar.

Jason Aldean, Kip Moore, Dustin Lynch, and the late John Denver have famous tunes dedicated to dirt roads or country roads. Lauren Alaina has the ‘Dirt Road Prayer,’ while O Luke Bryan sings of a ‘Dirt Road Diary.’

Each song brings back a memory or two for those singing, and sends us listeners down memory road for sure.

The photo above is a dirt road that connects Bleckley and Dodge counties in Georgia. When I posted it on social media, I asked people to caption it – tell me what they thought of when they saw the dirt road. Their answers came quickly.

Jessica Sanders said, “Country road … take me home.” Leanna Noah echoed Jessica’s answer.

Kristy C. Faulk said, “Peaceful.”

Nancy Herrington stated, “Home.”

“Waiting for it to rain to go muddin’,” Michael Bland said.

Keith Beck smiled, “Lil’ Nas X.” (Remember the song?)

“Childhood and peaceful … no stress … memories!” Cherie T. McPherson said.

“Peace and the old home place,” Angela Stone Deal remembered.

Jerry Smith said, “Dirt road night riding.”

“Good times coming …” Cheryl Turk smiled.

Always the adventurer, Kim Hanna said, “Looking for deer tracks.”

“The road home,” Dale Fordham and Jenelle Floyd agreed.

Leslie Queen said, “Windows down … radio up!”

Tanya Rogers commented, “Going to my grandma’s farm near Baconton, Georgia. What sweet memories!”

“Great place to ride a horse,” Sherry S. Floyd said.

Scotty Thomas posted a link to the most appropriate video reflecting to the question from Sawyer Brown – The Walk ®.

“Walking down it when I was young,” Liz Travis said.

Gale Murkerson said, “home.” Christy E. Seitz said, “The road home.”

“Road to my great-grandma’s house,” Rhonda Davis added.

Zina Giddens said, “Peaceful.”

“I love riding country roads,” Jami M. Simpson stated.

Stephanie Myers said, “Fun … I walked down a dirt road a bunch of times picking blackberries with my precious grandmother.”

“Riding around with my grandfather when I was a girl. He would stop where a house used to be and tell a story about the people who used to live there. I miss my grandparents and the special times we shared. I sure wish I could remember all those stories he told. He was the best storyteller,” Joy Carroll said.

“Berry picking … grade school and riding the bus … visiting Aunt Judi and Uncle Bobby … when I learned to drive … when I took my kids to learn to drive … precious memories,” Bobbie Duke said.

Christy Collins said, “They are becoming obsolete …” She added the lyrics, “….Don’t it always seem to go, That you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone … They paved paradise … and put up a parking lot … They took all the trees. And put ’em in a tree museum … And they charged the people … a dollar and a half to seem ’em…”

“A beautiful place to run, “Tonya Belflower Hodgkins said.

Barbara Faulk said, “It looks like a road that has a vanishing point.”

To sum it all up, Erin Witherington said, “God’s beautiful masterpiece … and how peaceful.”

When you think “dirt road” what memory comes up for you?

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