Can I be a part of your group?

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I would like to present to you a resume of what I am, or would like to think I am, in hopes that you would let me be a part of your group.

I admit, without embarrassment, even in our modern age, and even in the most contemporary company, that there are some absolutes in my life.

These absolutes have not changed in near seventy years, and even now,they are so real to me that their validity is not open for discussion.

They affect my well being for sure, but I would not attempt, except by invitation, to discuss their value for anyone else.

I would have to be assured that the invitation came from an individual’s genuine search for understanding, and never for the sake of debate.

Other than within the boundaries of the admitted absolutes, I am less
sure, today, about who I really am than at any other time in my life. I
would like to think that I could, without condition, love everyone. I
would like to think that I could be tolerant of the lives and choices of
those that I have admitted that I love. Since I only have a masked view
of them, I would like to want to shy away from a judgmental stance. I
would like to think that I could, without hesitation, wish the best for
all people. I would like to think that I could live the rest of my life
in such fashion that those lives that my paths crossed knew for sure, …
that I cared for their being, and that I had the utmost respect for
their uniqueness.

I would like to think that my feelings would be creditable enough for me
to make assumptions about people and their values. But I live in a time
when change is so dramatic that I cannot be sure that my feelings will
develop, from my experiences with legitimate life, or from a virtual
reality caused by my interpretation of life. Then I thought; some of my
“experiences” might be nothing more than imaginations of my mind. I
know, for sure, that the human mind is a complex thing, and can accept
for reality, things that have no connection to reality at all, … and I
fear that I will do some injustice when I do not see things as they are.

Since I have reached the biblical three score ten and more, it is my
present final intention to use the many experiences, that have been and
will be a part of my life, to allow me to know, and to become, what was
intended for me in the very beginning, and in that, there may be just a
hint of another absolute. And then, I wonder; would you let me, or
someone like me, be a part of your group? – From JCH

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Curator of prose and such.

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