Book Review: Just Let Go

In Courtney Walsh’s ‘Just Let Go,’ the reader, suitable for college and above, and perfect for a book club pick, is taken on a simple journey of everyday life that revolves around change, redemption, love, acceptance and truth.

As I got into the book, I found myself laughing out loud, and even getting upset, and cheering. When I book gives good story like that, well, it deserves high praise.

It begins in the small town of Harbor Pointe – a regular small town with mom and pop shops, churches, schools and community festivals.. Everyone knows everyone.

Sometimes, for Quinn Collins, that can be a bit frustrating – she is single and her business tends to be known by all – maybe because her dad is the sheriff orr her sister is a nurse or the fact that her best friends are busy bodies.

All of that changes though when Grady Benson comes town. Grady is an Olympic skier with a temper and growing a little rusty. A smart-mouthed diner who knows how to push just the button, and Grady ends up making Harbor Pointe home for a few weeks.

And it couldn’t be at the craziest of times. Quinn has just bought a flower shop – her childhood dream, and is looking to enter a flower competition that she is sure her estranged mom is a part of.

Stubborn and prideful Quinn won’t ask for help in getting much-needed renovations to the place, and for help in planning the town’s upcoming festival.

Grady and Quinn butt heads instantly, but there is something there that keeps them being connected.

Changes happen after an incident wakes Grady up to his reckless ways, and allows Quinn to wise up … to her issues of holding on to the past.

You will be surprised, you will be relieved, you will be sad, you will be angry and in the end, you will feel good.

Check it out today.!

(RLH2020/Becky Holland)

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