Danville couple finds ‘controversy’ at a monument in Elbert County

GEORGIA SPOTS: Keith and Teri Flury, both of Danville, are travelers. Keith works for Clean Control – they make a pet disinfectant and all-purpose disinfectant called Odoban. Teri works for an aerospace company.

She is also a Georgia Travel Specialist – certified and Keith is lead singer of a band called ‘Reckless Soul.’

During the July holiday weekend, the couple, and the band, were in Union Point at Durhamtown for an event.For those of you who don’t know, Durhamtown is one of the largest, if not the largest, off-road resort in the southeastern United States … located on 6,000 acres two hours east of Atlanta. Click here for their website.

Teri said, “While we were there, we went to see the guidestones which were only an hour away in Elbertson – the granite capital of the world.”

Wait – what – guidestones? Yes, the Georgia Guidestones – a set of stones that were erected in 1979 with a set of 10 guidelines in seven to eight languages – modern ones – carved into stone. Though a few details can be verified about the monuments, there is a lot of controversy and uncertainty surrounding them.

So what are the guidelines? Teri added, the guidelines are “geared toward world conservation.” If you want to more, Google is full of some great verified and not verified sites about them.

When asked what was interesting there, besides the stones, Teri said, “we met a very passionate conspiracy-theorist, self-appointed tour guide … she firmly believed that the countries on the guidestones were in collusion with COVID-19 to aid in the conservation, and that the guidelines were living entities.”

There is no cost to enter the monument grounds. “From Danvile, I think it was about a three-hour trip … but we took back roads to see what we could see, and kind of meandered up there.”

The tour guide also claimed to Teri and Keith that “the first Christmas tree was decorated in Elbertson.”

You never know what you might find if you take a country mile … or who you might meet. For more information about the Georgia Guidestones, visit Explore Georgia by clicking here.


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