Something to say

Something has bothered me, like most of you, about the reporting of numbers of confirmed cases and active cases and so on.

Based on research and observation, besides the obvious reasons numbers play a vital role in the coronavirus battle, our responses to the virus – if we are going to be risk takers or not – seems to be based on the numbers reported locally and statewide.

So, I dug out the press credentials and started making some calls and asking questions. Story in the works.

Lisa Rodriguez-Presley with the office of external affairs with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and I had an email exchange, then phone convo. Nancy Nydam with the Department of Public Health of Georgia and I chatted over email. I appreciate their time and helping to clarify somethings.

I offered the story for free to a local publication I respect so when they use it and post it online, I will share.

But I will say this … Lisa said, and Nancy confirmed, because of the constant changing and other factors there isn’t an accurate count available of active cases on any level.

Local 911 centers are sent a list of known residents with COVID-19 or exposure for the sole purpose of providing protection to first responders if a call is made from that residence. According to Lisa, that info is not to be used in full or part for anything else. As a family member of first responders, I appreciate GEMA for doing that… Even though my family is in Texas

But she said, there are so many others out there with the virus who might be asymptomatic, and not have been tested, that we just don’t know how many active cases there are.

And here is the kicker … From both women … People just need not be so fixated on those numbers and take precautions and preventative steps no matter what. How? Well, you know what they said – wearing face coverings, social distancing, practicing good hygiene, and, by limiting exposure by staying home and away from crowds as much as possible.

And for our non Georgia readers, this applies to you as well.

My almost 87 year old dad asked me to take a photo of he and my mom, in their masks, and write ‘It is not about beauty It is not about freedom. It us about respect.” They wanted to do their part in helping squash this virus.

So, here you go. -Becky Holland (2020)

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