Bottled Water

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Romans 12:2 – And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. (KJV)

In my 50 years, I have learned a lot of lessons, life lessons, some easy to learn, and some, well, not so easy to take. For example, in the town I live in, is a total “soda” town, and if it were not for the two “quickie” stores in town, a local dollar store, and the little section that the grocery store dedicates to bottled water, bottled water lovers would not get any satisfaction.

The world is overflowing with different people. Thanks to Him for that. I can’t imagine a world full of Becky Hollands! God created us to be different. I read somewhere that the body of Christ is made up of different parts, each one with its own place and importance.

From hiring practices to comments here and there, it’s clear that the world is not colour-blind, nor is it culturally-blind either. Many people face times of being alone, because they look around a room, and realize that they are quite different. Maybe for you or a friend it was that time in third grade when kids made fun of what you or a friend had for lunch, because it was “funny looking”, or the time in seventh grade when you were the target of an ethnic or cultural slur for the first time.

This brings me to the thought that God made all of us unique. God made us valuable. And God invites us to an incredible future as we use our talents, spiritual gifts, personality, values, and passions to do what God designed us to do, not what the world wants us to do!

Being “bottled water” in a world of “sodas” can be a good thing.

Prayer: Dear Father, be our strength in times of weakness; give us the vision to see that it is okay to be ourselves; and, Lord, grant us discernment, where Your will is concerned, as we strive to be ourselves! Amen.


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