Commentary: Make sure you’re on solid ground

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I love you guys, really, I do. That is my job as a Christian … even if we don’t know each other that well.

And I hope you will love me or continue to love me, . Or at least continue to love this blog.

I am a Republican, or was raised a Republican, and have always prayed and chosen to support the candidate that best fit the principles for which I was raised. I mean this with the utmost respect for the office of the President of the United States and for all of you who do support Donald Trump as a candidate for another term,(please don’t stop reading after this next part) I don’t support Trump. Wait, don’t click off, keep reading. He will not get my vote this term, and several other Republican officials won’t either. Keep reading.

For the same personal reasons you have for supporting him or Biden or whomever else, I have my own reasons. But I will not discuss these or get into a public debate about them. See, I believe this one freedom we have, as well as a person’s relationship with Christ, is personal. (I have given my thoughts on the virus – and on wearing masks, but I have not been a bully. There are people I love who have gotten sick from the virus, who are in the medical profession and have dealt with it daily and people I know who have had loved ones who died from it. (Totally different story).)

But I will say this, Walter Cronkite once said, there are always going to be two sides of every story. You must listen and hear with a clear mind and without bias to both sides, pay attention to the wisdom and the facts, not the emotion or the passion or the finger-pointing or the need for someone to be right.

Public Enemy brought what Walter said in simpler terms, ‘Don’t believe the hype.’

Go find the truth for yourself. Then you will know what ‘bandwagon’ to jump on or what train out of town you want to grab or what hole you want to hide in.
And don’t judge people because of what candidate they support and don’t bully them. Make sure the ground you are standing on isn’t sand.