Commentary: A letter to Bob Goff

*Dear Reader, this started out as a review of a book I highly recommend, but then I decided to write the author a letter. – RLH.

Dear Bob Goff,

When I first heard your name, I thought maybe you were a televangelist. Then I saw your photo … there were balloons involved and you had a big grin on your face. Do you remember the movie with the late Robin Williams in it called, “Patch Adams?”

Robin played a character who felt love and laughter could heal all things that ail us.

That image was who I thought you must be – wasn’t totally off base.

Then, all of a sudden, some of the famous (or infamous) people I follow – Annie F. Downs, Mandisa, Matthew West and others started sharing some of your quips and pearls of wisdom on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

And something one of them shared caught my soul, and I found your account, and clicked on every social media connection to you I could find.

Your insights remind me so much of two of my mentors- my late grandpa, Rev. James C. Madison – a Southern Baptist preacher, and my dad – once a Southern Baptist preacher, now almost in his 90s, and still a front porch philosopher. You two would hit it off, I believe. Especially since we know you are a lawyer with such the same thinkings as he. And your honesty about your own flaws, and your love for your sweet wife just makes one feel pretty good.

So I got all of that about you before I even picked up your first book.

During the beginning stages of this pandemic, I followed the trend and started obsessively ordering things off Amazon – everything from grocery items to medicines to things to pass the time with. Since I am a book geek of the highest kind, I grabbed a slew of books, including three of yours- one of which I have dived into already.

Live in Grace, Walk In Love, your 365 Day Journey, is a daily read, obviously. You have got it peppered with scripture, tales of God’s workings and analogies that just fit most everyone. And the “titles” are quotable quotes within themselves.

“Love Finds Us Where We Are, Not Where We Were,” “The Most Beautiful Scenery In The World is When Our Friends Come Into View,” “Love Doesn’t Need To Keep Track Of The Outcomes … People Aren’t Projects,” “I’d Rather Have An Improbable Faith Than a Predictable Life,” “We Can’t Tell People To Come As They Are, But Insist That They Change Before They Arrive … People Grow Where They Are Loved,” and “Fear Calls Out Our Doubts … God Calls Our Names.”

I started to say I was just going to read it like a good girl, and be all legalistic … one day at a time, but after reading the first one, I was like nope.

Sitting on the bar stool in my kitchen, while eating eggs, a banana and drinking coffee, I have your book with me., I just say, “OK, what is it for today?” I open it up, and wherever it lands, that is where I read. Funny thing is, I usually read that page and the one beside it.

And wouldn’t you know it? It is usually full of exactly what I needed to hear or absorb for the day.

No irony with God, huh?

I give this five stars, and wanted to just tell you thank you for allowing your life and the lessons you have learned from the good, the bad and ugly be vehicles for God’s truths and examples of His grace and love.

Signed, A Fan Named Rebecca (Or you can call me B. B.)

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