Business Story: Laurens County family brings books to schools

Happy The Turtle is the mascot of “Turtle Express Books.” (Cindy Simpson/Photo)

DEXTER, GEORGIA: Frank Zappa was an avid reader. The award-winning instrumentalist and composer once said in a discussion about his passion of reading. “So many books, so little time.”

Chuck and Cindy Simpson feel the same way about books, but the couple is doing something about it with their company – Turtle Express Books.

Their story and their business touched this book lover’s soul for a number of reasons – 1. I used to love book fairs as a kid, 2. the couple and their family is doing this together and 3. what the Simpsons are doing out of the little community of Dexter is just good news.

A family-owned business based out of the little community of Dexter, Turtle Express Books, according to Cindy, “offers school book fairs and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math(STEM) and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math(STEAM) Shops, which are set to inspire students to engage in those fields.”

Cindy continued, “Unlike the bigger company who has offered the book fairs for years in schools, we offer the option of running our own book fairs.”

“We deliver, set up and run. We offer greater discounts to teachers and commissions to the schools,” she stated. All of this is under the watchful eye of their mascot – a huggable, bright green stuffed turtle named, ‘Happy.’

Chuck, according to his wife, “used to work for a book distributor, and later, started his own business, because he saw the need. So, he learned the industry.”

The Simpsons “also do textbook surplus clean-outs during the summertime.”

Cindy said, “We use more than 10 different publishers in the hopes of providing more culture diversity, and we offer books at a more affordable price to families who might be have limited funds.”

Books have been important to Cindy for a long time. “I just love books,” she commented.

To find out more about Turtle Express Books – email Chuck and Cindy Simpson at or call 478.279.3547. Check Turtle Express Books on Facebook by clicking here.