Story: She remembers her first impression of him

The Hortmans

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Jerry Hortman is three years older than his wife, Elizabeth. The couple has been together for 13 years. Happy parents, the couple has been married for 11 years.

When asked what her first impression of her husband was, Elizabeth said, with a smile, “He was handsome, but cocky. We met through a mutual friend.”

Both of them, Elizabeth said, realized they were interested in each other at the same time. “I think he was the one who said I love you first.”

When asked of the two who was the most patient or sensitive, Elizabeth had to say “Me.”

The funniest of the two? “Definitely him.” She was asked who the most stubborn was. Probably with a smile, Elizabeth wrote, “Oh, that definitely be him!”

She added, “I probably am the one who falls asleep first, and am the most social … he is not a people person.”

As per who was the better morning person, Elizabeth said, “Him.”

The best driver of the couple, Elizabeth said, “That would be him!”

When she was asked who cooks better, Elizabeth responded, “Me … unless we are talking about the grill.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to the Hortmans and their children!

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