Feature Story: Mama is my best friend

*Sixth in a series celebrating Women’s History Month. Stories of what woman influenced you the most.

Donna Larsen and her daughter, Avery Lee (c)HensonfamilyPhoto

FORSYTH, GEORGIA: Donna Larsen was a school teacher in the Bleckley County School System for many years. Her spunkiness and cheery demeanor made her a favorite among her students, their parents and co-workers.

And most especially, her daughter, Avery Lee.

Avery Lee (Larsen) Henson said, “My ‘Mama Donna’ has influenced me the most because of her love for life.”

She continued, “’Mama Donna’ has always been a happy-go-lucky, always seeing the best in everything and everyone kind of woman!”

Donna and Avery Lee are “just so different.”

Smiling, Avery Lee stated, “She used to red her Bible everyday, and always told me to just pray about whatever concerned me.”

Whenever something was on Avery Lee’s mind, she said her mom would “say go to bed, and get some rest and tomorrow, you’ll feel better.”

Avery Lee is married and the ‘bonus’ mom to her step-son, Parker, who is 18. “I think I have always told him to use his best manners … that was something mom has always told me.”

She concluded, “I have always been grateful for and appreciated her positive influence in my life.”

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