Garlic anyone?

Photo By Becky Holland

Why in the world has Becky got a picture of garlic on her post?

Hold your noses … It is going to be pungent. (Have your Odoban ready.)

Several summers ago, I did the marketing for an open air market, and spent a lot of time taking photos of fruits and vegetables.

The garlic intrigued me. Every photo I took of the cloves turned out different – as each one had its own unique shape and coloring. (They do.)

But then we peeled the garlic cloves away to make packets. I noticed something – the knobs got smaller, true with the removal of the cloves, but dead center is a sprout, or a germ.

Each germ was the same – though if you wanted to get technical about it – some of them may have been bigger or smaller than the others.

Don’t worry – this germ won’t hurt you. There is a debate though about removing the garlic germ before using it in a recipe. I discovered that if the garlic is young, leaving the germ in or taking it out really doesn’t make that much of a difference.

But if it is the old garlic that has been in the grocery store a while, well, you want to remove the germ, because that is where the yucky taste shines through.

I am not sure why. Some of you may know.

Here is a little secret – kind of like that ‘garlic germ’ hidden away amid the cloves of the garlic bulb. Once all the cloves are peeled away, and preserved, there is this little thing left … the germ. The germ gives off a bitter taste.

In the study, “Experiencing God,” Henry Blackaby was once said, “You must make major adjustments in your life to join God in what He is doing.”

Those adjustments can be viewed like the ‘peeling off the cloves.’ Which is exactly what we have been doing with life these days – adjusting to the ‘new normal’ – or at least some of us are attempting too.

Getting rid of ‘negativity’ in your or my life won’t be easy. You or I will feel poking and prodding for sure … but once it is gone – the bitter taste will be replaced by a ‘proverbial scrumptious flavor.’

God loves you. God loves me. He loves us in spite of us. He sees the cloves, He sees the ‘garlic germ’ in us, and He helps us get rid of it. And His promises are amazing … Check out Jeremiah 29:11 or Romans 8:28 and Proverbs 16;3.

What more can we ask for? And all that from a garlic germ …