Book Review: Sunrise on Half Moon Bay

Robyn Carr’s ‘Sunrise on Half Moon Bay’would make for an ideal book club read for the summer with it is clever intertwining of sisterhood, romance and, yes, accepting change.

Here we have Adele – the youngest of two sisters in her late 20s-early 30s. She dropped out of college to be the caregiver for her parents. It was natural – her older sister, Justine was a lawyer, married and with children. She would cover the expenses, and Adele would do the caring.

It was a natural fit.

But now – both parents are gone, and the women have to find themselves. With a 20 year age difference, Justine and Adele have never been close … they love each other as sisters should … but both sisters realized they honestly don’t know each other.

Before she began helping to take care of her folks, Adele had life plans … but things changed and now, she doesn’t know how or where to get started again … as her sister, and best friend, Jake, remind her … she doesn’t know how to ‘live for herself.’

Justine’s marriage ends abruptly with the news of her husband having an affair, and now, her job is dissolving slowly due to the economy.

Though it takes time, through Carr’s magical weaving with her pen, the sisters bond, and discover starting over won’t be so bad.

It was a good read. (3 Stars)

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