Commentary: Our Children

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When there is a new “adventure” like the virus, experts are willing to admit errors and change their learned stance toward it.

Idiots and other politicians take their stance from what best suits their interests. I have a problem with a president, (or a political party) who is willing to sacrifice our children for a bit of free childcare.

We had children in our earlier life, we made sure that one of us, was available for that all-important job of taking care of the needs of those we brought into the world.

My wife did not work outside of the home while our children were growing up. We learned to live from one salary. There was never a panic when there was a “snow day” or a sick day.

Children are more important than the economics of requiring two salaries for a family to survive … please let us not sacrifice, (risk) our children on the altar of “getting our economy going again.” – Jcolonel, July 2020 (c)