If the sign is there, do your part … quit being P.C.

Today, the first time in town in three and a half weeks. Stopped a national chain store, it didn’t appear to be busy. Three people came out without masks. I sighed, put my mask and gloves on. You guys are making it harder for me to not be judgy. I try to keep an open mind – maybe there are health reasons. I just don’t know.

I have respiratory issues and preexisting conditions and I wear it and struggle too.

There are signs everywhere about-face coverings being required … even on the ice cream doors. They say “Do Your Part.” I watched a young woman with shorts and a pretty tye-die shirt walk through the store, with her five-year-old (Guessing) child, who was wearing the same shirt as the mom and the same shorts. They looked all cute. Must have taken a lot to match up.

No mask and no evidence of having a health issue that might give them an excuse. When they left, I pointed out the signs and asked the cashier what do they say to people who don’t wear a mask, do they offer masks? They are saying it is required. You know what she told me (and she lifted the mask off her mouth so she could talk … smh) – “We are told not saying anything to them, to let them shop.”

Then I saw the sign about change and all – that they are not giving it. I told her I didn’t have my debit card and had dollars, that she could keep the change. You know what she told me? “Oh, I am not going to not give you your change. I don’t mind.” I had to make her keep the three pennies so she would abide by the rules. (Eyes Rolling. And there it is?)

This was not about masks or people not wearing. It all made sense. COVID-19 is not going away. Not until we stop worrying about being politically correct, please everything, about losing freedoms and finger pointing. Who the heck cares?

This is not about politics or pleasing people or if folks are trying to cause harm to Trump – he may be our president, but he puts his pants on one leg at a time too. He is not above the law either. But that is another story.

Our battle is against a virus that is making people very sick and killing some.

I just took my one bag and walked out. (I got home and I wrote a letter to the corporate office.)