Story: Who would you have lunch with?

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FACEBOOK SURVEY:  Sometimes, you might be surprised about the feedback that you get when you ask an odd question on social media of your contacts. You might get responses, and you might now.

This past week, I asked the simple question – who would you have lunch with if you could – dead or alive. And, yes I asked why.

Our longtime friend, Key McGuire, simply said, “Jesus.” No reasons needed there, right?

Another friend, Cyndi Stone said, “My mama … because I knew she was sick and dying … but she died sooner than I expected. I didn’t get to tell her goodbye and tell her how much I loved her.”

I would want to have a lunch of chicken strips, gravy and fries and a Dr. Pepper from Dairy Queen with my sister, Tracey. She died of cancer in 2017 before we could have ‘the talk.’

One of our board members, Catherine Guyton said, “President Obama … From listening to him over the years, he seems like a down-to-earth, kind and good human being … I would feel at ease with him totally.”

Several friends, like Sharon Standbridge and Rachel Knight said they would love to have a meal with their dads. Darlene P. Jones said “My mama.”

Sasha Edge said, “My grandfather on my dad’s side … I never knew him as he passed away before I was born.”

Stephanie B. Bohannon said, “My daddy … I miss his voice … I miss his advice, and his sense of humor.”

A classmate of mine Stephanie Myers, said, “My grandmother so I could just catch up, and tell her about my grandsons.”

Elizabeth Hortman and Ashley Dozier both said their nana. The moms are cousins, and their nana was a former nurse … and gave the best hugs.

Ann Shepherd Young said her mom, who is alive, and her dad, who passed away several years ago. 

Leanna Noah said, “My mom and dad …because they were the best parents ever.”

Cheryl L. Turk said, “My mama’s daddy. He has been dead since 1982 … there is so much I wish I had asked him and didn’t.”

Lynne D. Lister said, “My dad … he died when I was 10 … I would love to have a conversation with him as an adult.”

Scarlett Latham said, “My Aunt Mae or Aran … since my daughter, Elizabeth, said my mother.”

Vanessa R. Williams said her daddy … “I miss him so much.”  Janice L. Davis said, “My sister, Brenda.”

Gina Sanders reflected, “That’s really hard, because I have so many loved ones gone on and important people still with us, but I will say my grandaddy Jessie Weathers. I was nine months old when he passed away. Momma said that the day he died he had been holding me, and talking to me. I would love to know or hear him say whatever it was he was saying.”

Another friend and board member. Scotty Thomas, said, “My grandma, ‘Ma,’ … loved her so much… being with her was the very definition of home in every way. She babysat me as a child and I spent every summer with her and Pa… wonderful food, learned how to cook and garden with them. I miss her dearly. She went to Heaven in 2010.”

Every answer was special to the person. The one that probably made me the smile the most came from Charles Bailey.

Charles said, “George Washington Carver …  so I could pick his brain over a peanut butter sandwich.” – Submitted by Rebecca.

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