Folks recall their favorite Kenny Rogers’ songs

The news spread fast – thanks to the world wide web. Legendary American singer and songwriter, and International Photography Hall of Famer, Kenny Rogers dealt his last hand at the poker game called ‘life’ on March 20.

Family members said that the crooner had died at the age of 81 on Friday night as a result of natural causes. Apparently, he had been under the care of hospice.

There is no denying that Kenny Rogers left his footprint on the history of music – with his songs reaching out worldwide for years.

His distinctive husky voice carried him far, and offered a sense of comfort to all who heard him spill out his tunes – like ‘Lady,’ ‘The Gambler,’ ‘Islands in the Stream,’ ‘Lucille’ or ‘Through the Years.’

Though Rogers had not been out performing in a while – since his retirement in 2015, his music will continue to live on in our memories.

Every time I hear “Love Will Turn You Around,” I will have to smile, remembering my ‘first almost-real kiss’ as an almost teenager from a boy in the movie theater as we watched the movie, Six Pack, with Rogers. I won’t ever forget singing loud and proud different ones of Kenny’s tunes with my sister, Tracey, while riding around in the car.

Others have different favorite songs.

Donny Screws, a well-known musician in central Georgia, said his favorite Rogers’ song was “Sweet Music Man….thoughtful and deep.”

Lady or Islands in the Stream,” Johnna Royal Jackson said. “I don’t really know them except I remember my parents playing the records over and over growing up. So it’s kinda stuck as a memory of them”

Teresa Tharpe said, “Gambler, I have a friend that can sing this song very well. Of all the songs we listen to, this is the only song he can sing in tune. I also like Lady and Islands in the Stream.”

 “Gambler... Just brings back memories,” Justin Lowry remembered.

Karen F. Esponiza said her favorites were, “Islands in the Stream — just reminds me of a happier time when I was a kid … Got to add Don’t Fall in Love with a Dreamer as a close second though. All of his songs were good.”

Scotty Thomas shared a video of the song, “Through the Years.” Elaine Avery and Lynn D. Lister agreed with him about that being a good song.

Coward of the County … Sometimes you have to stand up and fight,” Gayle Sapp said reflectively.

Vanessa Williams said, “Lady.” Willanda Brown agreed about Lady, and Gambler.

Nancy Herrington said, “All of his songs.”

Through the Years. The reason is personal, but this song is so true! Also She believes in me is a song that reminds me of my sister every time I hear it,” Scarlett S. Latham said.

Kristy Faulk stated, “Too many to name! What About Me with Kim Cranes and Peebo, Love will Turn You Around, and many more. He sang heart felt songs. Buy Me a Rose is a good one too.”

Melanie Way and Wanda Earwood both voted for Islands in the Stream, and Tami McGraw added, “The Gambler. I always loved the pictures it evoked (way before the movie was made).”

Angela Reaser said, “Don’t fall in love with a dreamer … always loved all of the duets.”

Elizabeth Stonecipher stated, “Lady … It’s so beautifully written … I had someone play it for me once, and I have loved it ever since.”

Missy Allen said, “Gambler.” Selena S. Woodard said, “Lady.” Melanie J. Collins couldn’t pick just one. “I love them all.”

Tanya Rogers said, “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town … it was so sad, because it told the story of a wounded Vietnam vet, and his broken heart, because his wife is not faithful.”

We are going to miss having you here, but we are so glad that we still have your music. Thanks for the memories, Kenny!

Rest well, Gambler.

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