When you hear ‘Go buy your books’ what is your response?

As I was in the middle of the morning mayhem Monday brings, I missed my Monday Zoom meeting … I am a participant in the Bible Study that is online led by Christian Musician Mandisa. We have been studying the book by Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God.

But … I read my devotional this morning, and wanted to share bits of it.

Right now, I am reading Bob Goff’s “Live in Grace and Walk in Love” 365 day devotional book.

If you have not read or heard of Mr. Goff, check him out. His style of writing and messages in some way remind me of Blackaby – honest and open, and well, blunt.Today’s title was almost too good to be true. “Don’t let uncertainty talk you into pursuing a back up plan instead of your purpose.”

Basing the lesson the scripture – Hebrews 10:36, Mr. Goff shared a story about becoming a lawyer, and his ‘underwhelming LSAT scores’ and how his application to law school was rejected.

He talked about how he just got into his car, and went to the school anyone to the dean’s office, to see what was what. The dean flat out told him to go away. He didn’t. He sat out the dean’s office for six straight days, waiting for the dean to see him, and say, “Go buy your books.” It didn’t happen until five days after law school started. The dean came out, and quietly with a smile, sat beside Goff, and said, “Go buy your books.”

Now, Goff’s lesson was a little bit different than the way I took it. I am still on the topic of obedience to God, and God-sized assignments from unit 9 of Experiencing God. Imagine, you are Bob Goff in this story. You have told God, OK, OK, I am ready, but God is like the dean here, ‘nope, nope. Still got some work to do, bud, or dear.’

You are not sure what you are to do. As much as you want it, and want to do whatever God wants, you begin to wonder, and think, well, maybe there is something else I can do until then. Nope, nope. Wait.

God will hand you your mission when the time is right.

He will come up, and He is going to say, “Go get your books.” Then what will you do? (smile)