Feature Story: Hall and Oates, the Beatles and Mom

Mom and Daughter, Kimla and Madison

*Tenth in a series of hopefully many stories celebrating women who’ve influenced us as part of National Women’s History Month.

TEXAS/OKLAHOMA: 2nd Lt. Madison Shelley of the U.S. Army Field Artillery is preparing to leave the States for her next station overseas. She told The Murphy Gazette recently that she will be there for the next couple of years. “I find myself listening to Hall and Oates, and reading every night.”

Lt. Shelley says that is something she learned from her mom, Kimla. “She loves Hall and Oates. We’ve seen them in concert twice together.”

According to the Lt., “My mom is a pretty cool lady, and it was super fun. We’ve been going to see the same Beatles’ cover band together since I was five years old, and we’ve seen Paul McCartney twice.” The last was in June 2019 at Rangers’ Stadium in Texas.

So, it is only natural that Lt. Shelley’s choice for the woman who has most influenced her would be her mom. “I know it is probably cliché, but I’d have to say my mom is the woman that has most influenced me.”

She said, “I grew up with three older brothers, and so, my mom and I have a always had a special relationship, even if we haven’t always seen eye to eye.”

“My mom has taught me the importance of commitment, and following through with your promises, as well as the importance of planning and especially when it comes to career and finances.”

Lt. Shelley continued, “I would describe my mom’s character as polite and considerate – things that I think are lost on a lot of people these days.”

And that says a lot, don’t you think? Good choice, Lt. Shelley, and thank you for your service.

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