Story: What do you notice first about someone?

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Patrick Swazye, the late actor, had this look about him that made his star quality shine – it went far beyond his physical appeal. Many of us girls swooned over him from ‘The Outsiders’ to ‘Red Dawn’ to ‘Road House’ to ‘Ghost’ to ‘Point Break,’ and of course, “No one puts Baby in a corner.”  

In fact, as I write this, I am watching Patrick shine as ‘Johnny’ in ‘Dirty Dancing.’ It is the last scene … that determined look in his eye and his boldness as he grabbed the hand of Jennifer Grey as ‘Baby.’

This got me to thinking … I know … go ahead and laugh, a lot of things get me to thinking.” That is how most of these stories happen.

What is the one thing you notice first of all about a person?

So I asked – I put it out there on my personal Facebook page, and got a ton of answers. Can’t post them all, but here are some of the ones that grabbed my attention first.

Rick Thompson: Their attitude about things or especially people ….because I don’t have any use for people who are always looking down on folks because of their race, intellectual capacity or handicap.

Jennifer Day Emery: … Hard to nail down one thing. It really depends on the setting. I typically look at someone’s face when I first meet them. Mentally, I survey their features, and begin making a list in my head of who they look like. Eyes like so , so voices like so …

Stephanie Myers: Their teeth usually, because I work in the dental field. v

Leanna Noah:  Eyes! Pathway to the soul

Laura Davis Bergeaux: Eyes…they tell you everything you need to know!

Donna Rambo: If they seem happy or not!

Erin Witherington: Teeth …because I was a dental assistant for so many years.

Rhonda F. Davis:  Physically, their eyes … and then it is the personality. I always try to give them a second chance if it’s bad … but most of the time first impressions are always the right one.

Charles Bailey: Shoes … I do not know why. 

Janet Foster:  Facial expression … reason- often shows another’s viewpoint.-

Melinda Gaulden:  Eyes in life…mouth in death! (She owns and operates a funeral home in Texas.)

Evelyn Harrison:  Attitude

What do you notice first in a person? Comment below. You might be interested to know that so many of those who participated in my survey gave the same answers … communities created even on the web.

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