Story: No question on the amount of love with them

John and Michelle

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: The debate is on who the best driver is but there is no debate on the almost decade of love that exists between John and Michelle Markl of Cochran.

John, Michelle and their children make up a big close-knit family where they support each other in all they do, and enjoy family meals together.

This Valentine’s Day, Facebook had one of those things going around – a Q&A for couples to share about their relationships and their love store.

Michelle said her first impression of John was like …. well, she was impressed. They met because “he drove up by the house and stopped.”

There are six months and 28 days in between their ages, but a lot of friendship and love for the husband and wife keeps them going.

Michelle said that between her and John, he was probably the first one who showed interest in them being a couple, but when asked who said ‘I love you’ first, Michelle said “It was me.”

In looking at who might be the funniest and loudest in their relationship, Michelle immediately pointed toward John, and said, “Him.”

She readily admitted that she is the most stubborn, and the most sensitive.

John works on vehicles, and Michelle is a 9-1-1 dispatcher. She admits to falling asleep first, and that she is the better morning person.

After a decade or so of being together, John has shown himself to be the most social.

But Michelle wins the prize for being the ‘better morning person,’ and she said with a smile, ‘the better cook.’

Happy Valentine’s Day to John and Michelle!

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