Feature: Mom of three achieves her dreams

Ashley and her family and Santa Claus. (Denmark Photos)

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Being unemployed by choice or for other reasons during this time isn’t easy, or something that most of us desires to happen. But it does.

Not having a job isn’t the end of the world, nor is it something that could be permanent. There are several resources available to help people in their job searches and to enhance their work skills.

All a person has to do is take the first step.

And that is what Ashley Denmark did.After the birth of her second child, Ashley, age 30, made a decision to be a stay at home mom. She and her husband already were the proud parents one daughter already. “After I had my second daughter, we made the decision that I would stay at home,” Ashley told The Murphy Gazette. Her second daughter will be four in February.

“I had already made the decision to go back to college to be a teacher, so instead of trying just any job, I stuck to finding a job in the school system,” Ashley stated. “I thought it be best because I would have the same hours as my children.”

Ashley, and her husband, Calen, have been married for eight years. “It was until our third child was born, and was almost six months old, before I was given an opportunity.”

The opportunity came in the form of being a paraprofessional in the Pulaski County school system. “I assist my teacher in a self-contained special education room with all kinds of tasks,” Ashley said. “I help teach, help with individual instruction, make copies, run errands around the school, and anything she needs me to do.”

“It had been extremely hard finding a job with hours that match the girls’ hours,” she stated. “Daycares are only open during certain times, and my husband is in law enforcement, and works 12 hour shifts.”

She didn’t give up though on her goals. Ashley paid her due diligence in job searches and with her school work. She got certified to be a substitute in the Bleckley County school system … something she did for five years while she spent time applying for paraprofessional positions.

Ashley continued, “So, finding a job where I could be home with the kids when he is at work had been difficult. Maci will be six in March, and is a kindergarten student, and Natalie will be four as I said earlier, and our youngest, Aubree, will turn one at the end of this month.”

Her luck turned this past summer. “I received a phone call from a friend asking if I would be interested in subbing in her classroom as her paraprofessional would be out on medical leave until further notice.”

“I immediately said yes and began the process of getting my paperwork in place for Pulaski County schools,” Ashley said.

She stated, “I didn’t expect to be working in Pulaski County, but am very thankful for the opportunity I have been given. I love my school babies!”

When asked if she could choose a superpower what would it be, Ashley paused. She then said, “Probably to be able to snap my fingers, and my house be clean or laundry being done! Having three small girls, a husband, a cat, a dog and working full time – it’s hard to keep everything done.”

Ashley said that she hoped her story would be encouragement for others who are searching for jobs. “Don’t give up on your dreams … what is meant to be will be.”

She defined hope as “never giving up.”

What an overcomer story! She is right – don’t give up. What is meant to be will be.

(c)Photo Denmark Family