Story: Pastor helps congregation adjust

Chris Bambrough

COWARD, SOUTH CAROLINA: As the world has had to adjust its style of living the last few months – thanks to the pandemic called COVID-19, the Rev. Chris Bambrough, age 48, watches.

The pastor of Coward Pentecostal Holiness Church, who is married with two adult children and two at home, loves being a minister. “Pastoring is a great privilege and calling.”

And during this time of uncertainty, his calling has been put into action – just a little differently.

Chris said, “The most difficult thing has been having to make the decision to cancel services in the building. Many in my congregation are older and not online, so they didn’t benefit from the video sermons.”

He continued, “However, being they are elderly, they are most at risk, so I didn’t want to take the chance of having live services even though we are a small congregation.”

“Other than recording sermons and posting them on our Facebook page and YouTube, I have tried to keep in constant contact by phone and have checked to see if any of our members need me to go to the store for them or bring them groceries,” Chris stated.

“We have also been in contact by mail and have sent out prayer cloths to each member,” he added.

Chris said, “The only real adjustment is that all of my visitation has had to take place over the phone. I usually visit two or three members a day in person throughout the week.”

As per a positive in all of this “new normal,” the pastor thought. “It has most definitely caused us to appreciate the privilege of attending church services. We have also found a new appreciation for our church family as a whole.”

Chris finds encouragement in the Word of God, and offers this for others. “All times of chaos eventually come to an end. It is at that moment that we become reacquainted with peace.” – Submitted by Rebecca

*Note: Chris and his family served in Cochran, Georgia for a number of years, and his wife was a beautician there.

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