Lifestyle Story: He proposed riding down the road

Debra and Brad Daniel

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: On January 15, 2020, Brad and Debra Daniel celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary. In today’s society, that is a major accomplishment.

Debra, age 60, remembers the first time that they met. “I met Brad while on a date with one of his friends.”

Brad, age 67, retired after 39 years at Blue Bird Corporation, and Debra has been at Bleckley County Primary School for 30 years. “Brad proposed by handing me a ring while we were driving down the road, and he said, ‘Here, see if this fits.’”

She laughed with affection, “He is so romantic.” The couple married after 10 months of dating, and are the proud parents of two children, a daughter, Angela, and a son, Ryan.

Together, the two travel, shop, watch television, play with their Shih Tzu, Sophie and spend time with their children and four grandchildren, Marli, Henli, Joey and Taylor.

When asked if there was a secret to their long-lasting marriage. Debra said, “No secrets of a good marriage other than love one another … like one another and listen to one another.”

She concluded with a piece of advice for newlyweds or newly-engaged. “Talk about your problems, fight if you have to, but get it out and don’t let it fester.”

And that sounds like pretty good advice for any relationship!

Don’t you think?


Brad and Debra Now – 43 Years Later