Book Review: The Book Charmer is a charmer!

The Book Charmer
By Karen Hawkins

Five Stars

You ever had a book speak to you? Yes, I mean literally speak to you. Well, Sarah Dove has had this uncanny talent of being able to hear books talk. It is a skill or talent or oddity whatever you want to call it that Sarah has had since she was little.

So it makes sense in Karen Hawkins’ The Book Charmer that when she grows up, she becomes the librarian in her quaint, little hometown of Dove Pond – a Southern community close to Charlotte and Ashville, North Carolina.

When the books talk, it is usually to guide Sarah into getting the book into the right hands.

A lot of times, the people she gives a book too take it, no questions asked … other times, she is pretty much refused.

But Sarah is determined, and in the end, she gets that book to the person that is supposed to have it.

Grace Wheeler is new to town … well, as an adult she is. She first arrived in Dove Pond as a foster child years ago. Now, she is back for a while to help her foster mom, who became her mom, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and to forge a relationship with her niece – who is the orphaned daughter of Grace’s wayward sister.

Sarah gets word from the books that Grace might be the one to help the town. Grace is stubborn. Sarah is stubborn.

But in the end, a wise bookends up in Grace’s hands, and well … if I tell you that part it might ruin it for you …

The book is truly a charmer, if you will pardon the pun, but it is.

I would highly recommend it to any bookworm – ages 14 and above. In fact, You will be charmed like I was.