While hiding from the virus, read The Story of Arthur TruLuv

Elizabeth Berg, Author
The Story of Arthur TruLuv
A Ballentine Trade Paperback
A Book Review by RLH
4.5 out of 5 Stars

We are all looking for things to do other than watch morning and afternoon television or playing Candyland or stalking each other on social media – that type of fun only lasts so long.

You walk into the living room, and slowly gaze upon the shelves and shelves of books that you have collected over the years. You walk over, and decide to pick up a book to pass the time.

Hopefully that book is Elizabeth Berg’s ‘The Story of Arthur TruLuv.’ With the turning of each page, the ink that Berg used will pull you in like the aroma of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in your Grandma’s kitchen. Now, mind you, it is not a prize winning novel, but it is good.

There are three stories in one – well, actually, there are a few more- but those come from Octogenarian Arthur Moses’ visits to the cemetery to his wife, Nola’s grave where he has lunch daily. You will see as you read the story what I mean.

First we meet Arthur Moses and his cat, Gordon. We watch Arthur with his elderly gait and his small chair ride a bus everyday to the cemetery at lunch to talk with Nola. We see him as he tends to his rose garden, and then …

We see Maddy Harris, an introvert at 18, who visits the cemtery to escape bullies at school We watch her work through life with an emotionally-absent dad, a dead mother and an older guy she met at a Walmart.

We watch Maddy and Arthur slowly do a ‘dance’ with each other meeting in the cemetery and later, becoming friends … It is Maddy who decides to nickname Arthur ‘TruLov.’ …

We see Arthur’s neighbor, Lucille, who has her own adventures at her elderly age and her own heartache, and bossiness that makes both Maddy and Arthur tense sometimes, and Gordon cringe.

But we see the three of them bond together in opportunities of rediscovering through some mishaps and unplanned events.

And that is what makes this book worth the 4.5 stars.

If you don’t have it, don’t break the social distancing habits we are to be facing – check out amazon.com and other online sites that sell books – you can get the real book or download it to read.

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