Business Feature: High School pals weld hometown

Middle Georgia Welding is mobile too.

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: When you hear the words “welding” and “fabrication” what pictures come to your mind?

Welders do a variety of things from maintenance to repair to construction to manufacturing to agriculture. They can help farmers and loggers and trucking companies just as much as they do industries and more.

Welders are creators … artists if you will.

Or at least that is the case of friends, Ryan Cobb and Timothy Sheley, both of Cochran. Timothy owns Middle Georgia Welding, LLC, and Ryan is the master welder – or ‘welding artist.’

Bring your work to Middle Georgia Welding, and you can be assured that you will get quality work. From repair work to construction for small equipment or large equipment, both Ryan and Timothy put their all into the work. Being a small company, they strive to do their best to meet all their customer’s needs.

Located at 203 MacThompson Road in Cochran, Middle Georgia Welding LLC is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. The phone numbers are 478.230.0625 and 478.960.1951.

Timothy said having a business in Cochran was important to both of them. “This is our hometown … Both of us have gone away and worked out of town.” But coming back for Timothy was the right thing. “You can go away to another town and there are lots of people … here you can have a bunch of friends … if you fall down in the street here, people are going to help you and pick you up, and care. Somewhere else, it is like they can you in the street, and they will just pass on by.”

Ryan said, “When we were in school, we all heard it … get out of town, there is nothing here, and all that small town stuff … but there is nothing like being here in Cochran … in your hometown.”

Customers, like those listed below, leave positive reviews on the work that Ryan and Timothy do on their Facebook page.

Gabriel Collins reviewed the business. “They did some work for me, and I was very pleased with the results.”

Daniel Lynn shared a picture of a fire pit that Ryan put together for him. “Job well done by the guys.”

“For all your welding needs and more. Give Ryan Cobb and Middle Georgia Welding a chance. Satisfaction Guaranteed,” Clay Holmes stated in his review.

Johnny Blash said, “Ryan is one of the best if not the best welders in this area. For all of your welding needs I highly recommend giving him a call for excellent, timely, and professional service.”

Of the compliments, both Timothy and Ryan just shrug it off. They are just doing what they love to do. As per the future, Timothy says they are just going to take it one day at a time.

Middle Georgia Welding LLC

If you want quality work from professionals who care, give them a visit. Check out their work at!