Her influential woman was a part of Kennedy’s funeral procession

This is story number 14 in a series of stories of our most influential women as part of March’s Women History Month celebrations.

COCHRAN, GEORGIA: Sharon (Britton) Lucas is a busy woman. With her job, she travels a lot, but always enjoys coming home – as family is her first priority.

That is something she says she learned from her mother, Amy Britton – the woman Sharon says influenced her most in life.

“Mom always put us first, and taught me to be a strong and independent woman,” Sharon said.

Amy Britton, according to her daughter, “joined the military straight out of high school, and served in Public Affairs – stationed in Washington, D.C.”

Sharon said, “When President Kennedy was shot, she was selected to be in the funeral procession, and would also accompany dignitaries to the grave site to lay wreaths.”

“She became a single parent of two small children a few years later and went to college and earned her Registered Nursing degree. She always put us first and taught me to be a strong and independent woman,” Sharon said, adding, “Because of her belief in me, there was never any hesitation in my degree and career choice. 30 years ago there were not many women in technology and even today, I still attend meetings where sometimes I am the only female.”

She said, “My mom is honest, very direct, outspoken, and never meets a stranger. She still would do anything for her family and helped me with my son many times over the years getting him place to place and staying with him when we were out of town.”

Sharon concluded, “I am so appreciative that they have gotten to spend so much time together as I am certain that she helped shape his values just like she did mine.”

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